Thursday, June 5, 2008

Card Contest Winners

We have a monthly Card Contest at the store. If you are interested in entering, bring in a card or send your card to The Stamp Shoppe. May's contest featured Father's Day!
First Prize goes to Joyce Morien:

Congratulations! Joyce won a $10 gift certificate to use at The Stamp Shoppe.
Second Prize goes to Nina Valiska. Nina won a $5 gift certificate.

Anyone interested in the Contest, you can send a Celebrations card by July 1st. Celebrations mean pretty much anything...Fourth of July, Graduations, Sweetest Day... You name a celebration and it will work for this Contest!! The only request that we have is that the stamps are not a home party stamp. That way, if anyone loves your card and wants the stamps, we can get it for them. We look forward to seeing more contestants

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~Michelle~ said...

Congrats to the winners!