Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dreamweaver Mists, Drizzles and Showers Challenge

For the month of April the Dreamweaver challenge is Mists, Drizzles and Shower projects.  These can be literal or figurative.  I used a little of both in this card that I am showcasing today!

Dreamweaver Products Used:
LG 737 Umbrella
LG738 Rain Words
LG 644 Cherry Blossoms
Mango Lemonade Memories Mists
Fruit Punch Memories Mists
Merlot Memories Mist
Cocoa F/X powder
White Matte, Pearlescent & Translucent Pastes

I used the Umbrella Stencil for the focus of the card.  First of all, I made a "spray station" out of a paper grocery bag.  I cut down the sides of the front panel and layed it down with the bottom of the bag opened and standing upright.  Then I layed my umbrella stencil onto a paper towel and sprayed the stencils with Memories Mist.  I used the Mango Lemonade, Fruit Punch and a little of Merlot.  Then I carefully lifted the stencil out of the bag and placed it onto a clean paper towel with the sprayed side up.  Then I place a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of glossy (glossy side down) over the the sprayed stencil.  Then I lifted the paper off the stencil.  You have a beautiful swirl effect on the paper.  Then I layed the umbrella stencil over the the white area and pasted the umbrella with the Matte White paste.  Remove the stencil and clean immediately.  I allowed thie paste to dry for 30 - 40 minutes.  Then I placed the clean stencil over the dry white paste.  I layed the cherry blossom background stencil over that.  Tape all four sides of the stencil and paste the blossoms over the umbrella with Pearlescent Paste.  Remove the Stencils and clean immediately.  Then allow the paste to dry for another 40 minutes.  When all is dry, I place the umbrella stencil down with the cherry blossoms over that.  I used the stencil brush with pigment ink and colored the cherry blossoms.  Then I removed the cherry blossom stencil and while the umbrella stencil is still in place, lightly spray with the Mango Lemonade Memories Mist over the umbrella.  Now I remove that stencil.  The sentiment was pasted with my own mixture.  I first took some of the Translucent Paste out of the container and added some Cocoa F/X powder to the paste.  Mix thoroughly.  If it isn't opaque enough, continue to add a bit more powder until it looks like you want.  Then I pasted the sentiment with the mixed paste.  Don't throw away the leftover paste!  Put it into a small air tight container to used again for another project.

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Heidi Erickson


Inkyhive said...

stunning and this has gotten me to think. it is time to work with my stencils!!! thanks so much for all the great creations you have been blogging.
thoughts and prayers, inkyhive

LynB said...

Heidi - Love the spray station background and the stenciled umbrella. Cool!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

wow! love the mists used this way! ink transfer is one of my favorite techniques with the stencils!

Laura Drahozal said...

Gorgeous color combination! I love the cherry blossoms on top of the umbrella, too. Very pretty.

Pam Hornschu said...

I always love that technique because each time you get something new and cool. Great post, Heidi!

Cherylynn said...

Welcome to the Dream Team. Your first post is spectacular! Love your choice of colors and stencils.

Caroline D. said...

Beautiful card with a lot cool techniques! Especially like the cherry blossoms on the umbrella. Looking forward to the year ahead stenciling and crafting with you!

Alison said...

This is really beautiful. I love that you went with warm tones for your card, instead of the predictable blues and grays. And the swirly background behind the umbrella is beautiful. Really lovely card!

Louise said...

Great card Heidi, I love how you layered the stencils and used the mists!

JD said...

Very pretty!

rose s. said...

absolutely gorgeous - i luv the colours and the ink transfer is perfect. welcome to the dream team - i look forward to seeing your work :)